I could easily spend a lot of time talking, or more precisely, debating the activities and approach of the film industry.  I read a Y Combinator page the other day that did a better job than myself at nailing my ...Read More

Best time to Buy

If you have not already subscribed to lifehacker, get 'er done.  It's an awesome site, and the email newsletters give you the best of the best in updates and tips & tricks to help you save money, be more efficient, ...Read More


Likes in the wind – when is it too much? Like, you know, I feel like there is too much like... on the web. It's like we've re-entered the world like, thru the web, like you know, thru the eyes of, ...Read More

I've been a keen observer of the gas price fluctuations around my area for some time now. If any of you out there have felt nearly crazy at times when you see the intense changes from one day to ...Read More

I was running around everywhere the past couple of weeks (and by running around, or course, I mean calling and emailing) trying to find a deal on getting my winter tires installed. No, I didn't need new tires, I ...Read More

Fall in the Laurentians

Fall is a great time of the year because it reminds me that things around me and my life can be cyclical and seasonal. It's not any secret to anyone that just as the trees have been doing it for ...Read More

Welcome to my site!  I'll be posting much more content and information here shortly, so come back soon.  This site will be interconnected with my twitter and flickr accounts, both of which will assist in telling stories and adding imagery ...Read More